Hybrid interviewing enables you to combine quantitative insights with qualitative feedback so that you get a better view of the whole picture – which means deeper, more insightful research results for you. It does this by working closely with QUALTOPICS™ to combine both qualitative and quantitative methods into one seamless format.

How it Works

At a predetermined point in the survey, qualified respondents are connected to a live, professional moderator, via QUALTOPICS™, in an environment similar to Instant Messenger.

A real-time, one-on-one interview session then takes place and the moderator probes the respondent on key points.

During these interview sessions, the moderator has access to pre-selected respondent survey answers, allowing them to lead a more focused, effective discussion.

Sessions typically last for 13-17 minutes and once the interview is complete, the respondent moves on to answer any remaining survey questions.

Benefits of the Hybrid Interviewing Approach

  • Uncovers the “why” behind the data, with deeper insights into what consumers really mean
  • Allows researchers to probe the counter-intuitive finding
  • Streamlines the research process by offering both qualitative and quantitative data using just one platform
  • Enriches quantitative findings in a way that helps to more fully achieve your research objectives
  • Provides a seamless and cost-effective solution to obtain additional insight
  • Completes the research story using the consumer’s own language and words