Advanced technology has made it possible to easily incorporate an interactive layer in home use testing.

IHUT PLUS™ captures “discovery opportunities” quickly and cost effectively using a blend of research tools during an In Home Use Test. Our IHUT PLUS™ solution engages the consumer in an online dialogue to help develop a more holistic picture, as if you were present in their everyday life during the test. Our approach assists the research team in determining:

  • How products or packages are actually used
  • Consumer needs & expectations
  • Development and optimization possibilities
  • Factors of consumer satisfaction or dissatisfaction

IHUT PLUS™ adds an ethnographic type element, without the major obstacle in observational research of the respondent feeling acutely aware of being watched. During an IHUT PLUS™ study, respondents participate in scheduled online survey updates. Specific responses to survey questions are set as “triggers”, which are programmed to initiate a live online chat session with a trained interviewer. This deep dive takes advantage of the real time, in home environment to fully explore the consumer experience.


  • Shipping
  • Re-packing/Masking of Product
  • Diary options
  • QualTopics™ one-on-one chats
  • Ability to send out hand cameras to capture user experience

Typical Datatelligence Online HUT Procedure

  1. Client supplies the screener for placement and usage questionnaires for each product.
  2. DATATELLIGENCE ONLINE programs the screener with a block at the end, stating respondents will be selected for placement if passed (they are required to leave a mailing address, no P.O. Box accepted).
  3. Data is reviewed for respondents. After the review, respondents are selected to be counted as a placement for the product if needed. This process can be streamlined as well where no review is needed.
  4. Products are received. We label each for sample code, and package product with a “product reception code”.
  5. Respondents who have been mailed the product are e-mailed the link back to the program. The program will open up to a “product reception” code open end box. They are instructed to enter the “reception code” as soon as they receive the product in the mail. This timestamps our program and lets us know when the usage has started.
  6. After the specified usage amount time, respondents are mailed the usage questionnaires (based of the time-stamp of the reception code).
  7. Each phase is time-stamped, so we know exactly when a respondent starts one usage period and finishes.

The process can be automated, and we can send reminders within each phase to the respondent. Since we always know where the respondent is time-wise and what phase they are on, we can tailor reminders and messages specifically for each product, period of use, etc.

This allows us to have a very high return rate in our home use tests. There is a constant stream of communication to our respondents, and in every phase of the program they know where they are supposed to be.