Recruiting for face-to-face IDI’s and CLT’S

DATATELLIGENCE ONLINE can use a myriad of different recruiting techniques via face-To-face, online, and phone.  When studies require strictly defined and hard to reach targets, we may propose to use this mixed-methodology.

Recruiting can be geo-location based around our CAPs (Community Area Panelists), or we can recruit toward in-person focus groups with provided zip codes.

CAPS represent members of DATATELLIGENCE ONLINE and other individuals who have expressed interests in participating in studies being held at or around our locations.

By using CAPS we can create a dynamic geographical profile using a variable radius centered on targeted venues.

Step 1: Collect and Compare

  • Collect requirements from client
  • Compare requirements against our panel community and the United States census

Step 2: Pull Sample

  • Geo target panelists located in a variable radius
  • Target by zip code, city, state, etc.
  • Demographic targeting is optional

Step 3: Prepare Email Broadcast

  • Compose email invitation
  • Setup response tracking
  • Customize end codes
  • Create landing interface

Step 4: Panelists Response

  • Panelists prescreened for qualification (optional)
  • Panelists schedule an appointment to participate in the study
  • Real-time tracking of panelist’s response

Step 5: Venue Follow up and Disposition

  • Respondents participate in study
  • Venue dispositions each respondent
  • Respondent receives an optional feedback survey

Step 6: Close Study

  • Sample is released and quarantined
  • Study is closed and program is disabled