CRG Global companies can provide every facet of comprehensive consumer research.

We are dedicated to quality, technology and customer satisfaction with every service offered.

CRG Global’s subsidiaries, CSS/datatelligence, Evaluative Criteria, Inc., CRG Test America, and Datatelligence Online, can support all of your research needs. By providing low-cost solutions to your research initiatives, while maintaining the integrity of quality interviewing and data collection, CRG Global companies provide steadfast support with a wide range of capabilities through resources to support the success of your research equations. From initial product research and development testing to collecting market data and end-user consensus, CRG Global companies provide a full array of research capabilities.


CSS/datatelligence offers full service sensory research and consumer insights to support your business initiatives. We have experience in food and beverages, personal care, household products and fragrance research. VISIT

Evaluative Criteria, Inc. provides full service custom quantitative market research services, including study design, questionnaire development, execution of surveys, coding, data tabulation and analysis. VISIT


Datatelligence Online is an online community of individuals who agree to voice their opinions regarding products and services they use on a daily basis and general awareness. An invaluable resource for general polls. VISIT

With locations in more than twenty of America’s most popular malls, we are equipped to provide a comprehensive sample of respondents to meet all of your research needs. Intercept surveys provide an accurate census of retail shoppers. VISIT

QualTopics™ offers an opportunity to gain a deeper qualitative understanding of a consumer’s response during a quantitative survey in a live chat session, while the test products or concepts are in front of the respondent. VISIT